May 19, 2009


Interview with Psicodreamics for /
©2009 John P. Olsen (English language)

John: I am glad to have this chance for our visitors to learn more about the man behind the music of Psicodreamics. After doing my recent reviews of your Fantasynth and Ambiethernum albums, it is great to talk with you again Salva. You are recognized as the emerging New Age artist in Spain. Why did you begin your career in New Age Ambient music?

Salva: In the 1980’s I was excited about Fantasy tales, Legends and Mythology and I enjoyed the excitement involved with these themes. In addition I discovered musicians like Constance Demby, Enya and Vangelis, and I realized this kind of music was like a soundtrack that made myself imagine adventures in a world of fantasy. Then I decided to create my personal fantasy music world taking New Age music like a seed in my music career. New Age was an interesting starting point, but during the last years, I have been developing my own style closest to Ambient and Chill Out with a little bit of Goth flavor.

John: You have worked on several projects with other international musicians. Who are the artists involved and what were the projects you did together?

Salva: I have collaborated with many musicians all over the world. I remember my first one with the USA artist Frances Lyons, a.k.a. Godot, in the track The Gift, included in my album Eternal Angel. She composed a beautiful piano melody in her studio for me. I was mysteriously charmed by this incredible track when I listened to it for the first time. Then I requested a midi file of the song to develop with ethereal choirs and effects. We both enjoyed the final result after airing in the radioshow Blue Water Drift Dive, hosted by Darrell Burgan. I will never forget that experience.

One year after, I collaborated with Gothic songwriter Priscilla Hernandez in the track Morning Light, and electronic artist Alidan with the track The Garden of Strange Beings, both songs are included in my album Azhdark Passion. Finally, in my 2006 release Theatre des Vampires, it was an honor to include Ramon Mendigorri, playing the electric guitar on the track Theatre des Vampires and Nestor Mora, a.k.a. Rosten Jim, collaborating in Daylight Belonging.

John: The Theatre Des Vampires and Ambiethernum albums have both received considerable air time with online radio stations, even before their actual release. Are they your most successful albums to date?

Salva: Yes they are. Theatre des Vampires and Ambiethernum are what I consider the best ambient space music of Psicodreamics, and have been a great success in radio air time, magazines, and sales. For instance Ambiethernum was included in the charts of New Age Reporter during six consecutive months and the long running New Age radioshow Hearts of Space, hosted by Stephen Hill aired one track of each album last year. Recently my brand new album from 2009 Fantasynth, has debuted in many radioshows like John Diliberto’s Echoes, and many more. Now I am waiting anxiously for my first debut on your station New Age Stars, for feedback and opinions from your listeners.

John: Many other people have tried to describe your music, including myself, so what would be your own description of your music when describing to another person?

Salva: This is the million dollar question John. I have always had a problem defining my own music. I use one or two brief sentences to define my music very quickly: Discover mythology through the music, and emotional melodies for dreaming. I could make an even more accurate definition: An Ambient music soundtrack inspired by Fantasy tales and Mythology, with a light Gothic touch.

John: When composing and performing your music, what is your intent, or what thoughts and images are you trying to get across to the listener?

Salva: I usually compose music inspired by fantasy themes. Each album has a title or a main theme that makes people know an initial idea or a first approach to the album. Nevertheless, music is a mysterious language that a listener can experiment in different ways. I think the music is a vehicle to set the imagination free, and I want the listener tho have all the freedom there is to imagine.

John: When you first begin composing an album, do you already have your mind set on the material contained in an album, or do you compose the album during production only?

Salva: Sometimes I have a general idea before starting a music project, then I begin to develop it during the production process. With others, I can find inspiration when I play the keyboards and then listen for some ideas to develop. There is not a systematic way to create an album. The creative process is a mysterious thing and you know how I enjoy mysteries.

John: You said that you create Fantasy and Myth inspired projects like Theatre des Vampires, that I will review soon, so what first influenced you to compose Fantasy and Myth theme oriented music ?

Salva: Like you and I have discussed, I am a great fan of Fantasy and Mythology themes, and years ago I decided to create my own music world to feel fantasy in a personal way. For example: I have composed albums inspired by mythological beings like angels, as in Eternal Angel 2003, and vampires as in Theatre des Vampires 2006, all inspired by fantasy books like Tanith’s Lee’s Night’s Master, evident in my 2004 Azhdark Passion album.

John: You currently have 9 great albums available and have told me about using video material soon, and plans for changes on your already beautiful website. Could you give us some details about your future projects you have planned?

Salva : I have many projects in mind but not much time to start them. Recently I have released a new album titled Fantasynth and now I want to take a brief parenthesis in composing music until the end of 2009. During the rest of the year, I have scheduled development of my visual art, creating some music videos. I have also planned some projects for 2010 or 2011, of J.R.R. Tolkien, Silmarilion, and other books inspired by fairies.

John: Fantasynth is the latest release you are promoting and have stated it is designed for persons who are non conformists to most commercial music. What does Fantasynth have to offer, and what thoughts or emotions do you want to allow a listener to feel?
Salva: Yes, that is right. Fantasynth is an album that fuses genres and styles as different as Ambient, New Age, Down Tempo, and Chill Out, mixing not only Ethnic and Symphonic instrumentation and orchestration, but synthesized sounds and effects on a more actual and innovatory musical outlook. This album is specifically indicated for non conformists that refuse commercial tendencies and look for something more in their music. This album is an invitation to dive into a new world of fantasy and imagination, where contemporary instrumental music blends with rhythm and percussion in a feast of sensations and emotions. I try to surprise my fans who follow the musical adventures of Psicodreamics, and hook those people listening for the very first time. It is not just another musical adventure for dreaming while you are awake, but a festival of emotions and fantasy where sound and rhythm will seduce your inner soul in a frenetic dance with a unique purpose: Recovering the innocence lost since our childhood.

John: Is there anything you would like to comment on that I didn’t ask in the interview Salva ?

Salva: I would like to invite your readers to visit my website and and discover more about the musical projects of Psicodreamics. They are also welcomed to listen to all of my albums on the website. Purchases can be made through CD Baby, and the best digital download sites like iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster, eMusic, and Rhapsody, among others.

John: Thanks you Salva for finding time to give everyone insight into your music, and sharing your thoughts. I have enjoyed our past conversations, and look forward to writing about your music in the future.

Salva: Thank you for this interesting interview, and for your great website devoted to New Age music, and your visiting fans.