Feb 15, 2009

Album: FANTASYNTH (2009)

Fantasynth (2009)
Rhythmic grooves and synthetic melodies to feel the fantasy inside you

Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout
Release date: Feb 2009
Label: Witches on the Radiowaves, WOTR009
Formats: enhanced CD-R / digital downloads
UPC Barcode: 643157402695

About the album
Dive into a new world of fantasy where contemporary instrumental music combines with rhythm and percussion in a feast of sensations and emotions that tries to surprise the fans who usually follow the musical adventure of Psicodreamics and will hook those people who listen for the first time his music. An album that fusions genres and styles as different as ambient, new age, downtempo and chillout, mixing not only ethnic and symphonic instrumentation and orchestration but synthesized sounds and effects, on a more actual and innovatory musical outlook without leaving his characteristic and unmistakable style. Fantasynth is not only other musical adventure to dream awake but is a festival of emotions and fantasy where sound and beat will seduce your soul in a frenetic dance with a unique purpose: recovering the innocence lost since our childhood. Specially indicated for nonconformist that refuse commercial tendencies and look for something more.

Track List
  1. Unicorn’s Dream (the beginning)  6:02
  2. Sleepy Sorrow  6:37
  3. Spellbound  4:06
  4. Erotronic  4:20
  5. Mythos  5:57
  6. Orient Spirit  3:11
  7. Forbidden Pleasures  5:47
  8. La Rosa de los Vientos  6:30
  9. Imaginarium  3:46
  10. Synthetic Fantasy  5:36
  11. Palace of Sensuality  4:12
  12. A Winter Tale  4:21
  13. Unicorn’s Dream (the end)  5:44                              Total time: 66:39 minutes
Listen to the demo
Listen to a demo with excerpts of the eleven tracks of the album Fantasynth courtesy of our Soundcloud page. If you like what you listen to, please visit the purchase tab in the menu bar above and buy the album or your favourite tracks with the best sound quality. Also you can visit the Fantasynth album site (coming soon) and listen to the entire album totally free.

Comments about the album
  • "Great job on your Fantasynth album. Really nice work. Love the sounds on this one - I can definitely hear a progression to your music and improvement in your skills! Congratulations on a fantastic album!" Pete Havey (Radio Mystic)
  • "We’re playing it. Some nice stuff and my favorite of yours so far" John Diliberto (Echoes)
  • "Have been listening to it for several days; it is lovely and extraordinary" Nick Tate (Progression Magazine)

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Radio Airplay
  • Night Tides (KCUR)
  • Hearts of Space (USA)
  • Echoes (USA)
  • La Otra Orilla (España)
  • Astreaux World (Live365)
  • Gothic Paradise (Live365)
  • Groovera (Low Mercury)
  • New Age Sampler (WWSP)
  • Audiosyncracy (KTEP)
  • Iridium (KZYX)
  • Galactic Travels (WDIY)
  • Lestats 120 minutes (Live365)
  • Sunday Synth (UK)
  • Syndae (podcast)
  • Pagan Radio Network
  • Spectrum FM (Australia)
  • Cuando Yo Paro el Tiempo (España)
  • Future Echoes (WFIT)
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