Welcome to the official page of Psicodreamics, an ambient music project inspired by fantasy tales and mythology that reveals the unique magic, mysterious and idyllic world of musical art of Spanish composer Salva Moreno. Here you will discover all about the music universe of Psicodreamics.

- ABOUT PSICODREAMICS (brief and extended bio)

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About PSICODREAMICS (Brief Bio):
Psicodreamics is the ambient music project that reveals the unique magic, mysterious and idyllic world of musical art of Spanish composer Salva Moreno. A great part of his music world is inspired by mythology and fantasy creating a rich sanctuary of haunting and mysterious fairyworld sound, covering many genres, mainly ambient, new age, goth and chillout. His songs have been featured in many spezialized magazines and relevant long-running radioshows covering new age music like Hearts of Space and Echoes among others. During the years his music has been followed and acclaimed by the especialized media. One example of this is his last album Ancient Wisdom, nominated in the "best new age album" category for the 2011 Independent Music Awards (IMA). His discography is fully available thru the best online retailers and digital stores like CDbaby, iTunes and Amazon among others.

About PSICODREAMICS (Extended Bio):
In 1993 Salva began to develop his musical skills as independent musician, influenced by his passion for music and after discovering ambient musicians like Steve Roach and new age artists like Constance Demby. His first album titled The Unknown Frontier was the fruit by experimenting in the ambient lore with his first keyboard, a Yamaha FM synthesizer.

In 1995 Salva finished his Computer Science degree and discovered the capabilities of computers and sound cards adquiring a EMU Proteus module to add to his PC soundcard, a Cakewalk software sequencer and FM synthesizer midi keyboard. Psicodreamics abandoned the ambient FM sounds and started to create a more melodic landscapes od sounds using MIDI capabilities. The albums composed by using the new equipment were Midnight Tales (1995) and Mythomusic (1997).

Due to the difficulty of edit sounds with the EMU module thru sys-ex messages, in 1998 Salva adquired a new PC (Pentium II procesor + Soundblaster Live! soundcard with EMU K-1 processor) and a new master-midi keyboard (Roland PC-180), discovering a more easy way to edit the sounds and patches using Soundfonts files. Fruit of this was the creation of the album The Garden (2000).

Examples of using Soundfonts files and a easy software Cakewalk Pro sequencer were the albums Eternal Angel (2003) and Azhdark Passion (2004). With these works Psicodreamics reached the limits of this technology starting to explore another ways to improve his music. Eternal Angel includes the track "The Gift" , the first collaboration with the musician Godot (a.k.a. Frances Lyons).

The album Azhdark Passion, inspired by Tanith Lee's "Night's Master" fantasy novel, was published by Spanish label Margen records and was the first album available to purchase. This album includes the collaborations of Alidan and Priscilla Hernandez. At the same time the German label Syngate published all the oldest albums of Psicodreamics.

In 2006 Psicodreamics created his album Theatre des Vampires, inspired by the dark and sensual world of vampires, that was published by his own label Witches on the Radiowaves (WOTR). This album includes the collaboration of Ramon Mendigorri playing the electric guitar and Rotsen Jim exploring the goth side of the ambient sound. With this album Salva started to use Cubase and VST technology, a very powerful professional software to edit sounds and FX.

In 2008 Psicodreamics released a compilation of his best ambient and space music tracks titled Ambiethernum and it reached the top charts of sales and radio airplay being broadcasted on the long-running radioshows Hearts of Space (USA) and Ultima Thule (Australia) among others.

In 2009 was released Fantasynth, the last album of Psicodreamics. This album reached during six consecutive months the TOP 100 of ZMR (Zone Music Reported) and was airplayed on the USA radioshows Hearts of Space and Echoes among others.

The last work of Psicodreamics "Ancient Wisdom" was released in 2011 and is inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the Ancients and pagan beliefs. This album was nominated in the "best new age album" category for the 2011 Independent Music Awards (IMA).

Nowadays Psicodreamics creates instrumental music capturing styles from easy, relaxed and spiritual ambient, new age and neo-classic to powerful upbeat synth, gothic and even a bit of EBM using primitive modulated frequency synthesizers, computers and electronic gear. Salva defines his music as an instrument designed to awaken the deepest emotions and intimate feelings of the listener. But his creativity goes beyond that. Each album of Psicodreamics is a vibrant trip, visiting imaginary and fantastic scenes beyond time, space and knowledge.

The music of Psicodreamics is just available from this official website or from the best online stores and digital retailers like CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon mp3, eMusic, and Rhapsody among others.

With nine albums composed and thousands of listenings and downloads from his official website, Psicodreamics continues looking for new musical boundaries inside contemporary music worldwide.

Another point of view of Psicodreamics by Bill Binkelman
Salva Moreno (Psicodreamics) creates music steeped in several influences, including (but not limited to) classical, cinematic, sacred music in the medieval tradition, and new age, with trace elements of ambient and ethic-tribal. He's thematically preoccupied with mythology, fantasy (e.g. vampirism), and religion/spirituality (in particular life after death and the concepts of heaven and hell). Obviously a real fun guy, huh?
Moreno's albums flow with a dark yet melodic undertone (the music isn't what most would label "dark ambient" though) and his compositions can contain gothic qualities folded into classical/sacred music motifs. Two exceptions to these defining characteristics are Theatre Des Vampires and The Unknown Frontier of which I wrote ... "eschews the more dramatic, neo-classical/neo-romanticism of [other] releases and heads straight into floating electronic waves of music of the cosmos." Theatre Des Vampires had Moreno occasionally veering into a bombastic electric-guitar fueled rock/EM fusion, the result being more than a little overwrought. His other releases (The Garden, Mythomusic, Eternal Angel, Azhdark Passion) hew to a formula (albeit varied album to album) of orchestral strings, church-like choirs, sweeping synth washes and pads, now and then rhythms or rhythmic elements. Gothic underpinnings dominate the affairs, i.e. while the music is melodic and flowing, its nature is dark, somber and haunting in a classical sense. His recordings are always meticulously engineering and produced and feature excellent synthesized instrumentation.

2016 Christmas Elixir (WOTR)
2011 Ancient Wisdom (WOTR)
2009 Fantasynth (WOTR)
2008 Ambiethernum (WOTR)
2006 Theatre des Vampires (WOTR)
2004 Azhdark Passion (Margen Records)
2003 Eternal Angel (Syngate)
2000 The Garden (Syngate) (re-mastered on 2007) (WOTR)
1997 Mythomusic (Syngate) (re-mastered on 2007) (WOTR)
1995 Midnight Tales (WOTR)
1993 The Unknown Frontier (Syngate) (discontinued)

Included in:
2004 - VV.AA. The Collective (Syngate)
2005 - VV.AA. Lost Frontier Sampler 2 (Lost Frontier)
2007 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2007 (Lost Frontier)
2008 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2008 (Lost Frontier)
2009 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2009 (Lost Frontier)
2010 - VV.AA. Into the Darkness 2010 (Lost Frontier)
2010 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2010 (Lost Frontier)
2011 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2011 (Lost Frontier)
2012 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2012 (Lost Frontier)
2013 - VV.AA. Lost Frontier Sampler 13 (Lost Frontier)
2013 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2013 (Lost Frontier)
2014 - VV.AA. Christmas Sampler 2014 (Lost Frontier)

2011-2010 - Salva Moreno creates the music of the albums "The Healing Power of Prosperity Yoga" and "Prana" of Sajah Singh (Prosperity Yoga) for using Pranayam technics for his yoga teaching sessions.
2009 - ACME Project (a.k.a Paco Perez Dolz) creates a new version of the track "Floating in the River of Souls" from the album Azhdark Passion by Psicodreamics.
2006 - Luis Masia classical music consultant on the track "La Valse des Vampires" from the album Theatre des Vampires.
2006 - Ramon Mendigorri plays Electric Guitar on the track "Theatre des Vampires" from the album Theatre of Vampires.
2006 - Nestor Mora aka Rotsen Jim co-composer on the track "Daylight Belonging" from the album Theatre des Vampires.
2004 - Alidan co-composer on the track "The Garden of Strange Beings" from the album Azhdark Passion.
2004 - Priscilla Hernandez (vocals) on the track "Morning Light" from the album Azhdark Passion.
2003 - Frances Lyons aka Godot on the track "The Gift" from the album Eternal Angel.

Achievements and Awards...
2012 - The song Orient Spirit was #1 in the World competition of June in the Ourstage site
2011 - Ancient Wisdom was nominated in the best new age album category for the 2011 Independent Music Awards (IMA)
2010 - Fantasynth was qualified for 2009 ZMR Music Awards in the Best Ambient album, Best Electronic album and Best Cover Art categories.
2010 - The song Forbidden Pleasures was #1 in the Ambient-Chill competition in the Ourstage site on January.
2009 - Fantasynth album was aired on the music radioshows Hearts of Space and Echoes
2008 - Ambiethernum and Midnight Tales picks of the year 2008 on Mystic Music show (KKUP).
2008 - Ambiethernum was qualified for 2008 NAR Lifestyle Music Awards in the Best Ambient album and Best Cover Art categories.
2004 - Wind and Wire Awards: the album of Psicodreamics Azhdark Passion choosen by Bill Binkelman as one of the best new age albums with honorable mention.