May 1, 2004


Title: Azhdark Passion
Genre: Ambient, New Age, Neoclassical
Date Release: May 2004
Label: Margen records - 0504/4
Formats: CD and digital downloads [+]
Colaborations: Alidan and Priscilla Hernandez

Music inspired by Tanith Lee's novel "Night's Master"

About the album
In this new album the Spanish project Psicodreamics carry us to another dimension of sound. It's the story about Azhdark passion. A multimedia voyage between music, images and poetry where the electronic music is humanized with a great neoclassic and symphonic way. With this CD, the musician and composer from Valencia dive in the land of dreams and myths. Following Olfield, Vangelis, Gleisberg y Boddy trails, Azhdark Passion is a marvellous album full of stylistic surprises and musical majestic moments. This album is based upon a fantasy book entitled “Night’s Master” written by Tanith Lee (this female writer is considered the queen of fantasy) about the adventures and misdeed of Azhrarn, the prince of demons, who lived in Underearth and came to surface at nightfall to torment the mortals. For further info visit the album site here.

Listen the demo
We invite you to listen to the Azhdark Passion demo on the embedded player below (low quality 128kbps). If you like this music, support the artist buying the album or your favourite track from the buy links below or go to the purchase tab and get the music with the best sound quality. Also you can listen to the entire album freely from the album site here.

Track List
  1. Azhdark Passion 6:00
  2. The Sweetest Gift 4:44                                                           
  3. The Garden of Strange Beings 4:34 (*)
  4. Sleeping with the Demon 5:48                       
  5. Song of the Living Night 4:43                                
  6. The Sorcery 5:15
  7. Pleasure of Desire 5:39
  8. The Forge 4:19
  9. Floating in the River of Souls 6:26
  10. The Queen and the Mask 4:07
  11. Missing U 5:38
  12. Morning Light 5:34 (**)
Music Credits
(*) The Garden of Strange Beings (composed by Alidan and Psicodreamics).
(**) Morning Light (music composed by Psicodreamics / vocals by Priscilla Hernandez)

Comments about the album
This is a brief list of comments about the album. If you want to read the all the complete reviews, please visit the album site here and read for more reviews and fans comments.
  • Bill Binkelman (Wind and Wire e-zine) said: "Azhdark Passion is his best recording to date and shows his developing maturity and sophistication without losing his unique vision of music suffused with passion and feeling".
  • Nick Tate (Progression Magazine) said: "Azhdark Passion delivers weighty but delicate positivistic music, stunningly performed by just one young musician with an intelligence that will completely shame many established figures".
  • Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds) said: "Sin duda, un disco altamente recomendable para quienes que buscan algo más en la Nueva Música Instrumental que se hace hoy en día".

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