Dec 8, 2016


Exclusive compilation of Christmas music composed by Psicodreamics during 2007-2014 .

● Genre: Seasonal, Christmas, New Age
● Release date: December 2016
● Label: Witches in the Radiowaves
● Format: Only digital download
● UPC Barcode: 190394962425

About the album
Christmas Elixir is the new album gathering fully original (non-traditional) Christmas music composed by Psicodreamics during 2007-2014 and inspired by this holliday season. The music was originally composed for the Lost Frontier's Christmas Samplers (one track per year) trying to emerge the emotions showing the more beautiful, innocent and angelic face of Christmas. Only available on digital download from CDBaby , iTunes Amazon , Spotify and the best digital stores.

Track List
  1. Frozen Tears (© 2014)
  2. The Voices of Winter (© 2013)
  3. Childhood Blessing (© 2013)
  4. Children of the Cold (© 2012)
  5. Bell of Hope (© 2011)
  6. Elixir of Innocence (© 2010)
  7. Looking for the Spirit of Christmas (© 2009)
  8. El Desafio de Santa Claus (© 2008)
  9. Ten Degrees Below Christmas (© 2007)          Total Time: 44 min.

Listen to the album
We think you must listen the whole album before you decide to buy it. The best way to support us is thru the best online music platforms like PANDORA and SPOTIFY among others. Nevertheless you can feel more confortable using this link. The tracks of CHRISTMAS ELIXIR are exclusively available for licensing at Jamendo Music platform.