Oct 29, 2014

MUSIC FOR HALLOWEEN (Special Compilation)

I want to share with you the Halloween special playlist that includes eleven tracks (58 min.) of dark, scary and mysterious music from the discography of Psicodreamics. Also there are included two unreleased tracks "Nightfall" and "Lullaby for the Darkness" composed exclusively for Halloween season. Enjoy and feel free to share the link. Happy Halloween!

Track list:
  1. THE CRYPT OF DESPAIR (from the album THEATRE DES VAMPIRES (2006))
  2. NIGHTFALL (2013 Unreleased))
  3. TRANSYLVANIC (from the album THE GARDEN (2000))
  4. ON THE SHORE OF HELL (from the album ETERNAL ANGEL (2003))
  5. STAKES AND GARLICS (from the album THEATRE DES VAMPIRES (2006))
  6. LULLABY FOR THE DARKNESS (2010 Unreleased)
  7. DESCENSUS AVERNI (from the album ETERNAL ANGEL (2003))
  8. LONELINESS AND SADNESS WALTZ (from the album THE GARDEN (2000))
  9. SANCTUARY OF BLOOD (from the album THEATRE DES VAMPIRES (2006))
  10. LIMBO (from the album THE GARDEN (2000))
  11. LICANTROPO 2001 (bonus) (from the album ETERNAL ANGEL (2003))