Aug 23, 2015

Press/Media QUOTES

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I love your music! It is surprising and varied and that's why I love it! - Benno Veugen (Peaceful Radio)

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Your music is among the best/most fitting for incorporating into many of these mixes and I especially love the mythical elements you weave into your soundscapes! Candice Michelle (Journeyscapes) 

I love your music! It is surprising and varied and that's why I love it! - Benno Veugen (Peaceful Radio)

Your music was very well received in the chat room. For myself, I really like the very cinematic / narrative quality of it. Congratulations!Rebekkah Hilgraves (At Water's Edge Podcast)

And I must say: you rock! - BT Fasmer (

Highly recommended to those who seek something more on the line of current new instrumental music"... "An architect of The Oneiric, Psicodreamics succeeds within each work in getting us back, awake, into the universe of fantasy that we visit in our dreams - Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds)

I think Theatre des Vampires is definitely your best album to date... and does have some prospects for Hearts of Space airplay - Steve Davis (Hearts of Space)

Psicodreamics evolved his neo-classical/new age EM music to a still higher level on his latest CD - Bill Binkelman (Wind and Wire)

Questo artista รจ un piccolo grande gioiello nella Musica Elettronica, non perdere la sua musica! - Stefania Carezzoli (21st Century Music)

With nearly every album Psicodreamics delves into one or more of the darker ambient, fantasy, synth and fairyworld musical styles which makes them quite enjoyable for listeners here willing to explore something outside the typical sounds - Jacob Bogedahl (Gothic Paradise)