May 17, 2012


Latest Quote:
- "Your music is precisely what speaks from my soul if I could compose/make music. I am just angry I have not discovered you sooner! Love the mysterious, dark and ethereal nature of your music!  Heidi Smallwood (Georgia, USA)

More Quotes:
- "Bought Theater Des Vampires on itunes a couple of weeks ago, can't stop listening to it. Such a great score of songs, really haunting and moody! Thanks". Frank Machado (Massachusetts, USA)

- "Went for a walk in the forest last night, i saw nature all around me and the moon was shining through the trees. i thought i was alone and felt lonely then the faeries came all around then the trees were speaking in whispers. Ah! i feel so much better. Thanks Psicodreamics!". Helen Keeler (a fan from UK)

-“Really digging your new stuff! It's more varied but still has that dark, mysterious, mystical undertone to it that speaks quite lite rally to my soul. So thanks, and keep making your amazing music!”Robert Burtcher (Oklahoma, USA)

-“Your experimental  ambient music is genius! It is unique,  relaxing, deep, thought provoking and magical. I have been a fan of yours for years ” Jill Starr (NYC, USA)

- "Listening to Salva's music as I draw my fairies is an inspiration...beautiful music always inspires the heart. Thank you Salva for sharing your music"Memory Howell (UK)

-“It is truly the best music (captivating & enjoyable) I have ever heard.” Rob Ewing (Seattle,USA)

-"Your music is divine, you must have certainly "been touched by a Muse"... It is a real Work of Beauty!” Nick Gangadis (UK)