Oct 15, 2006


Devotion to Blood, Passion for Eternity, the Exquisite Pleasure of Love

● Genre: Ambient, Goth, Neoclassical
● Date Release: October 15th 2006
● Label: Witches on the Radiowaves WOTR006
● Formats: enhanced CD-R and digital downloads [+]
● Collaborations: Ramon Mendigorri y Rotsen Jim

About the album
Psicodreamics invites us to enter into another mythological and fantastic soundscape, descending to the dark and supernatural world of Vampires through ambient and rhythmic-melodic passages full of emotiveness and mystery. Though the title of the album might, at first glance, appear sinister and frightening, the music traces the more subtle human nature of vampires, beings full of desires and emotions revealing their sensuality as a perverse face. Instruments like distorted electric guitars and pipe organs take the leading role in painting a gothic and haunted touch on the whole album. In addition, this album includes collaborations of Spanish musicians Ramon Mendigorri and Rotsen Jim.

Listen to a demo with excerpts of the eleven tracks of the album Ancient Wisdom courtesy of our Soundcloud page. If you like what you listen to, please visit the purchase tab in the menu bar above and buy the album or your favourite tracks with the best sound quality. Also you can visit the Ancient Wisdom site here and listen to the entire album totally free.

Track list
  1. Damned for Eternity 3:01
  2. Theatre des Vampires 4:19 (*)                          (*) Ramon Mendigorri (Elect. Guitar)
  3. Daylight Belonging 4:51 (**)                             (**) Rotsen Jim and Psicodreamics.
  4. Delicious Agony of Love 5:41
  5. A life in the Night 4:37
  6. The Crypt of Despair 3:53                                                   Total Time 53:29
  7. Stakes and Garlics 4:24
  8. Lustful Bites in the Dark 4:49
  9. Sanctuary of Blood 6:25
  10. Bloodsucker 5:25
  11. La Valse des Vampires 5:39  


  • "A lush soundscape of cinematic proportions that exposes us to the world of vampires, just in time for Halloween too!" Pete Havey (Mystic Soundscapes)
  • "An architect of The Oneiric, Psicodreamics succeeds within each work in getting us back, awake, into the universe of fantasy that we visit in our dreams" Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds)
  • "It could be compared to a soundtrack for an Anne Rice novel" Jacob Bogedahl (Gothic Paradise)
Radio Airplay
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