Jan 1, 2000

Album: THE GARDEN (2000)

Title: The Garden
Artist: Psicodreamics
Label: Witches on the Radiowaves WOTR06
Release date: 2000 (remastered September 2007)
Format: Enhanced CD-R (audio+mp3 128kbps)
Genre: New Age, Ambient, Contemporary music.
UPC: 643157389903

A Walkabout in the garden of God and Evil ...

About the album:
Originally published in 2000 has recently been re-mastered to get the superb sound quality that music fans demand and released in an exclusive edition containing an enhanced CD-R including audio tracks plus 128kbps encoded mp3 files inside a full color top opening cardboard sleeve. With a special skill and delicate sense, the artist carries out a personal approach to the concepts of good and evil within the tracks of this collection of emotional pretty music, inspired by a mysterious and lustful garden where the good live with the evil and where the real mix it up with the unreal. This work goes beyond new age and ambient, we also could say it is even a symphonic album. Using electronic devices like midi keyboards and computers, combining impressive pianos, ethereal strings, haunting choral voices, sampled ancient Gregorian chants and synthetic effects Psicodreamics invites you to enter into the world of emotional tunes feeling the innocence, the joy, the desolation and the hope.

  1. Witches on the Radiowaves 4:58
  2. Transylvanic 5:45 (*)
  3. Loneliness and Sadness Waltz 3:51
  4. Christmas Eve Elixir 3:14
  5. Desiderata 5:22
  6. The Garden 5:38
  7. Legends of True 7:07
  8. Limbo 3:32
  9. Sacrifice 3:22
  10. Yvonnita 4:33
  11. Sacrifice (remix) 4:48
  12. Lycanthrope 2000 6:11
  13. Lovelain (Dragonkiller) 6:07                   Total time: 64:44
(*) Voice by Maria Jose Molina

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Comments about the album:
  • Stefania Carezzoli (21st Century Music) said: “Psicodreamics is a master of a fabulous music"
  • Jacob Bogedahl (Gothic Paradise) said: "a haunting collage of fantasy and mystical soundtrack pieces that speak to the soul..."
  • Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds) said: "the music happens to be very intense, vital, as if reflecting strong emotions"