Jan 1, 1997

Album: MYTHOMUSIC (1997)

Title: Mythomusic
Label: Witches on the Radiowaves WOTR05
Release date: 1997 ( remastered August 2007 )
Formats: Digital downloads and Enhanced CD-R
Genre: New Age, Ambient, Contemporary music.
UPC Barcode: 643157389903

Discover Mythology through the music ...

About the album:
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the creation of the 1997 album MYTHOMUSIC, Psicodreamics surprise us with a new professionally remastered version reaching an incredible sound quality delighting all the fans in a new sound experience entering deep into the world of Mythology and Fantasy Legends, like a mirror in which we'll see reflected the lost innocence from our childhood settling our imagination of enchanted princess, fairies, dwarfs, unicorns, dragons and other mythological beasts. The package contains an enhanced CD-R including audio tracks plus 128kbps encoded mp3 files (ideal for upload into your iPod or mp3player) inside a full color top opening cardboard sleeve.

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Track List:
  1. Mythomusic 2:30
  2. Heaven's gate 8:22
  3. Reaching Sanctissimo 6:55
  4. The Poisoned Kiss 2:46
  5. Eternal lament 1:53
  6. Let me touch your face 5:33
  7. Imaginary landscapes 5:30
  8. Malicious children delight 4:00
  9. Moonlight spell 3:35
  10. The Grail Suite 7:00
  11. Ephemeral Dreamer 5:46
  12. Dragon Exodus 4:03
  13. Twilight dream 2:21            Total Time: 60:38 min.

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