Jan 1, 1995

Album: MIDNIGHT TALES (1995)

- Title: Midnight Tales
- Label: Witches on the Radiowaves WOTR-08
- Release Date: 1995 (released Sept 2008)
- Formats: Digital downloads
- Also available: enhanced CD-R (limited copies)
- Genre: New Age, Ambient
- UPC barcode: 643157393870

A collection of fantasy tales inspired by midnight

About the album:
Midnight Tales is an album composed and produced by Psicodreamics in 1995, but released in 2008, gathering a set of tracks featuring dreams, fantasies and desires inspired by midnight. This is a very intimate album that brings us the fantasy and mystery of night to our everyday life, where sometimes reality mix it up with the fantasy and y vice versa. In spite of being composed many years ago, Midnight Tales will delight fans transmiting a complete vision of the creative ability and creativeness of this musician. Finally this album is going to to be a break on the pure fantasy and mythology themes as usual, showing the most intimate and personal face of the artist during certain part of his youth, without leaving his unpredictable emotional style.

Track List:
  1. Damned for loving - 5:30
  2. The Waiting - 5:20
  3. A tale for the rain - 3:56
  4. Midnight Voyager - 6:38
  5. Moonlight Dance - 3:44
  6. My Beloved Shadow - 3:06
  7. Childhood Land - 2:02
  8. Sea Dreams - 3:58
  9. Bitter Flight of Cherub (hymn one) - 5:44
  10. It remembers me Scothland - 5:56
  11. The Promise (hymn two) - 5:18
  12. La Pasion de Azhrarn - 9:42               Total Time: 61:37 min.
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Listen to a demomix with excerpts of the eleven tracks of the album Midnight Tales cortesy of our Soundcloud page. If you like what you listen to, please visit the purchase tab in the menu bar above and buy the album or your favourite tracks with the best sound quality.

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Comments about the album:
  •  Jacob Bogedahl (Gothic Paradise e-zine) said: "I still recommend it to our reader and listeners for a nice fantasy-driven ambient work".
  • Roberto Vales (A Ultima Fronteira radio) said: "Midnight Tales, un disco para escuchar a medianoche, al lado de una hoguera, con el crepitar de las llamas, un libro de fantasía en las manos y dejar que nuestra imaginación vuele al compás de la música y al ritmo de las letras"