Sep 1, 2011

Album: ANCIENT WISDOM (2011)

An album inspired by Celtic myth and the Wisdom of the Ancient.

Genre: Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo
Release date: September 2011
Label: Witches in the Radiowaves
Format: Only digital download
UPC Barcode: 643157418429

About the album
"Ancient Wisdom" is the new work of Psicodreamics inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the ancients. Psicodreamics has conjured the muses to create a new musical tale that will transport us in time and space to know from the ritual of the Druids and pagan beliefs to the veneration of Mother Earth and the wisdom of nature. All this through eleven tracks of the most varied styles, which mixes ambient, downtempo and world fusion among others, that will make you feel feeling. Be seduced and dive into a world of sensations that take over your mind and senses and will change the way we perceive the reality around us. Only available on digital download from CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon mp3 and the best digital stores. If you want to know much more about this album please visit the Ancient Wisdom page here.

Track List
  1. Forest Heartbeat 6:18
  2. True Spirit of Nature 8:04
  3. Samhain Ecstasy 4:31
  4. Sancta Inquisitio 5:07
  5. Druids trance 6:04
  6. My Beloved Loneliness 6:03
  7. Ritual of Love 6:18
  8. Earth Prayer 6:07
  9. Beltane Moon 5:21
  10. Bewitched by the Faeries 8:00
  11. Wisdom of Trees 8:05                  Total Time: 70 min.
Listen to the demo
Listen to a demo with excerpts of the eleven tracks of the album Ancient Wisdom cortesy of our Soundcloud page. If you like what you listen to, please visit the purchase tab in the menu bar above and buy the album or your favourite tracks with the best sound quality. Also you can visit the Ancient Wisdom site here and listen to the entire album totally free.

Comments about the album
  • Bruce Gall (Sunday Synth) said: "A New Age album that is a cut above the rest in the genre. Arguably one of Salva Moreno's best yet! "Ancient Wisdom" is the new work of Psicodreamics inspired by Celtic myth and the wisdom of the ancients"
  • Helen Keller (a fan from UK) said: "Went for a walk in the forest last night, I saw nature all around me and the moon was shining through the trees. i thought i was alone and felt lonely then the faeries came all around then the trees were speaking in whispers. Ah! I feel so much better. Thanks Psicodreamics!" 
  • Memory Firkins Howell (a fan from UK) said: "Want to step into fairy dreams,...slide down mystical sunbeams of golden hue, watch magical bubbles float thru the air???? You will ...when you listen to this album...It's music that dreams were made it Salva".

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