Oct 10, 2008


A compilation including the best ambient-space music of Psicodreamics (1993-2006)

Genres: Ambient, Space Music
Release Date: 10 Oct 2008
Label: Witches on the Radiowaves (WOTR007)
Formats: Enhanced CD-R / Digital Downloads

About the album
Ambiethernum is the first in a collection of compilations of Salva Moreno's music project. This set showcases the best of the best this musician offers. Moreno has been creating his own sonorous universe since 1990 and continues to explore ever new material and themes. Following years of musical and creative growth, Salva looks back to appreciate the long travelled way and show new listeners who discover for the first time the ambient and space side of his sonorous artform. It is very important to make clear that this collection of tracks has been rigorously selected, carefully re-mastered and specially compiled for you to embark on a magic carpet ride to an unreal world, visiting evocative and mysterious spaces. Live a musical adventure that will change your outlook. Welcome to another world, beyond time and space. Welcome to Ambiethernum, the best ambient - space music of Psicodreamics.

Track List / Listen
We think you must listen the entire album before you decide to buy it. We invite you to listen to Ambiethernum on the embedded player below (low quality 128kbps). If you like what you listen to, please buy the album or get your favourite track from the links below or go to the purchase section and get the music with the best sound quality

- "Salva is a very capable composer and his enigmatic style of music deftly blends both the dramatic/cinematic styles of music with the more atmospheric elements that show up throughout this CD. A recommended release” Michael Foster (Ambient Visions)

- "With its shifting textures and amazingly, beautiful, fluid, ambient sounds, that will embrace you with its spiritual well being, you will not be disappointed" Mick Garlick (Sequences magazine)

- “Con su musica he podido conseguir un pasaporte para poder viajar continuamente a ese secreto mundo que muy pocos conocen y que se encuentra en algún lugar más allá de las estrellas.” Juan Antonio Jordan (Mentenebre magazine)

- "Ambiethernum, música ambient para un mundo siempre lleno de misterio, un mundo intemporal en el que el único límite es nuestra imaginación." Roberto Vales (A Ultima Fronteira)

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Radio Airplay
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