Jan 1, 2003

Album: ETERNAL ANGEL (2003)

Discover the angel inside you

Genre: Ambient, New Age, Electronica
Release date: January 2003
Label: Wotches on the Radiowaves (WOTR004)
Formats: CD-R and digital downloads
- Frances Lyons co-composer of the track "The Gift"
- Maria Jose Moreno (voice on the track "Eternal Angel")

About the album
Eternal Angel is an album composed and created in the dreams and fantasies of the imagination of Salva Moreno aka Psicodreamics. As his last albums he tries to transmit his particular artistic vision through a feast of emotional melodies for daydreaming. Making use of ethnic percussion instruments, he creates varied sensual and suggestive rhythms that are based on impressive celestial choruses, ethereal voices and magnificent electronic orchestras. Adding strong emotional mystery, the artist invites us to travel within Heaven and Hell, in an idyllic trip through eleven imaginary passages, visited by a celestial angel in search of answers for his eternal immortality. Submerge into the words from the beyond, under the majestic angel’s guidance.

Track list
  1. Eternal Angel  5:27 (*)
  2. Descensus Averni  6:33
  3. A Heaven in your Eyes  4:45
  4. Azrael Tear  5:30
  5. Dana and the field of Sunflowers  6:26
  6. On the Shore of Hell  7:19
  7. Die Sweet for an Angel  5:27
  8. Cherubim Dance  5:27
  9. Labyrinth of Seduction  6:27
  10. The Gift  3:38 (**)
  11. Eternal Ending  2:46
  12. Lycanthrope 2001 (bonus track)  4:44                     Total Time: 60:00
(*) angel voice by Maria Jose Moreno
(**) Frances Lyons and Psicodreamics

Listen to the demo
Listen to a demomix with excerpts of the twelve tracks of the album Eternal Angel cortesy of our Soundcloud page. If you like what you listen to, please visit the purchase tab in the menu bar above and buy the album or your favourite tracks with the best sound quality. Also you can visit the Eternal Angel album site here and listen to the entire album totally free.

Comments about the album
  • Jacob Bogedahl (Gothic Paradise) said: "Another dreamy masterpiece by Psicodreamics"
  • Bill Binkelman (Wind and Wire) said: "If you like ultra-dramatic new age music that weaves a spell both ethereal and sensual, this is a trip worth taking. Recommended"
  • Hector Jordan (Amazing Sounds) said: "An impressive musical adventure, with a great melodic strength and a remarkable wealth in orchestrations" 
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